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Bad Animal

with Tigermilk and Crooked Spies

$12 advance

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Bad Animal
It’s not a rare sight to see Painter (vocals) dripping in sweat or the boys, Skiba (guitar), Gritchen (guitar), Stoddart (drums) and Trevena (bass) drenched in beer and knee deep in broken drumsticks. With their energy, it’s surprising that anyone manages to keep any liquor in their cups. Their close, almost fraternal bond keep things tight and dynamism high, like a bundle of live wires they keep each other lit and alive. If there’s one thing Bad Animal isn’t running low on, it’s flair and pure, rough and tumble drive

With ear catching western hooks, mammoth breakdowns, and a folk twist TIGERMILK delivers an audible exhilaration rivaled only by NASA spacecraft

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