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Roxanne Potvin

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From the Promoter

“Can’t stop a bird from singing. Can’t blame a girl for dreaming”

Those words echo throughout the materials of Roxanne Potvin, a singer/songwriter with pop smarts, undeniable soul, and a ceaseless drive to keep pushing herself in new directions.

Roxanne’s music grew out of an early love of classic blues and R&B, and she received her first significant attention with her 2006 Colin Linden-produced album The Way It Feels, which earned a JUNO nomination for Blues Album of the Year.

After a couple of years of formal training in sound engineering and working as a studio assistant, Roxanne produced her latest album herself. ‘For Dreaming’ features her longtime bassist Mark McIntyre and Timber Timbre drummer Olivier Fairfield who laid down basic tracks with producer and engineer Dave Draves. There are contributions by Christine Bougie on guitar/lap steel, Chris Gestrin on organ, harp and woodwinds by local musicians and arranged by Montreal songwriter Antoine Gratton.

‘For Dreaming’ is perfectly suited to our current age where genres are essentially meaningless. Purity is all that matters, as are the expressions of Roxanne Potvin.

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