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Red Dirt Skinners

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From the Promoter

After a burglary at their rental home in England, Rob and Sarah Skinner decided to take inspiration from despair and write about how they felt. ‘Home Sweet Home’ received such positive press and airplay that the Skinners were able to purchase their own property.

Red Dirt Skinners were the first band in history to receive awards from both British Blues and British Country Music. Don’t pigeonhole the Skinners though. With influences of folk, country, blues, Americana, and jazz, fans describe them as ‘refreshingly different’.

The Skinners have comfortably blended exceptional, almost telepathic, harmonies with the unique instrumentation of Sarah’s soprano saxophone and Rob’s acoustic guitar on 5 albums.

Classically trained from age 6, Sarah won Instrumentalist of the Year at the British Blues Awards in 2014 and the first female artist to be endorsed by Trevor James Saxophones.

“The entire crew were so impressed with both their musicianship and their engaging personalities. We look forward to their next visit.” Breakfast Television, Montreal

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