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Temple of Boom

with Friction, Ed Rush & Optical and Voltage

$30 advance

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From the Promoter

About Friction:
It’s been another amazing year for multi award winning drum & Bass superstar DJ Friction. As well as continuing to DJ all over the world and his label Shogun Audio establishing itself as one of the most respected labels on the planet, he has produced some of the biggest tracks of the last 12 months. 'Stand Up' (vs Camo & Krooked), his remix of Wretch 32's 'Traktor' and his stomping remix of 'Sweetshop' (w Camo & Krooked) have torn dancefloor's to shreds all over the place with a storming remix of Vato Gonzalez's 'Badman Riddim' to be followed by brand new solo material.

If you’re coming to witness a Friction DJ set, prepare to be blown away with mix after mix because this man never disappoints!

About Ed Rush:
There aren’t many artists who can claim to have changed the face of a genre of music, let alone to have changed that face more than once. Ed Rush, however, is an exception to that rule. Ever since his first production outings alongside his neighbour (and infamous owner of No U Turn Records), Nico Sykes, Ed Rush has consistently proven he has the ideas and attitude to transform drum & bass and is never afraid to push that infamous envelope.

Ed Rush’s team up with another great musical mind, Optical, unleashed upon the world an album, a label and an audiological echo that would inspire thousands of copycat producers and spawn an entire generation of artists who, even a decade later, would still strive to come close to that Virus sound.

Dropping their immense debut album, ‘Wormhole’, upon an unsuspecting scene, Ed Rush & Optical literally created an entirely new set of rules for succeeding in drum & bass: Take a set of tracks considered too edgy for the major players of the time, add your own label and a pinch of self determination and you end up with what is widely regarded as the best drum & bass LP of all time!

About Voltage:
Undoubtedly one of the most exciting acts to have emerged in drum & bass in recent years, Voltage is in huge demand as a DJ, producer and label owner.

With high profile shows at major rave destinations such as One Nation, A.W.O.L, Warning & Sunbeatz, his tried and tested all-style blend of jungle, jump up and deep, demonstratively dark rollers suits any dancehall in any corner of the globe large or small.

Premier league support for Voltage’s productions from such a wide range of influential people from across the full spectrum of drum and bass include the likes of Andy C, Hype, Friction, Goldie, Bailey, Hazard, Bryan Gee, Total Science, Ray Keith and more

Voltage has a discography that reads as a who’s who in D&B label land with releases on Viper, Radius, Smokin Riddims, Grid, Innerground and more. This heavyweight producer deserves every ounce of attention and praise he’s getting right now. This is just the beginning!


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