Leeroy Stagger and Kalle Mattson

All Ages

$25 advance

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Leeroy Staggerleeroystagger.com
Kalle Mattsonkallemattson.com

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Canadian singer and songwriter, born 28 October 1982 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


3 albums in at the ripe age of 22, Mattson’s lyrics - inspired by a collection of tough experiences - are dense and thoughtful, creating staggering and emotional music.


FOONYAP is a mesmer. A one-woman weaver of hypnotic loops and dynamic vocals that magnetically draw bug-eyed listeners into a sticky, wondrous web of sound. A Calgary native, the coloured pins on her musical map mark violin lessons at age four, Mount Royal Conservatory of Music training at eleven, collaborations with Woodpigeon and other highly regarded musical entities as an adult, and forks in roads where her Chinese heritage and classical music training branch out into unfamiliar electronic territories that beg further exploration. For all her insatiable curiosity, FOONYAP has only more pointed questions and an ever-larger collection of specimens to scrutinize. Hers is a lifelong expedition to find the centre of her multi-faceted, musical soul.

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