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The Wild! and The Lazys

with Open Air

$10 advance, $20 door

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Marquee Beer Market & Stage and Mascioli Entertainment Presents:
The Wild! & The Lazys - Nothin' But Another Bottle Tourwith guestsSaturday April 7th 20185pm Restaurant Doors, 6pm Stage Doors Event is 18+
Tickets: $10 - $20 + feesON SALE Thursday Feb 15th at 10am


The Lazys have a reputation in Australia as one of the best and most talked about live rock and roll bands. The Lazys don't sweet-talk and offer no ounce of glamour. Live they are gritty, Loud, Edgy and slightly dangerous. They always deliver a fistful of Rock N Roll.

Hailing from the Central Coast NSW Australia, The Lazys have shared a stage with bands such as Against Me (US), Juliette Lewis, UK's The Answer and Aussie bands such as Gyroscope, The Living End, Grinspoon and more. In the early days The Lazys were already working with producers Phil Mckellar and Matt Lovell (Grinspoon, Silverchair). In 2009, the band signed their publishing over the Sony ATV and released their self titled debut EP. Recorded in the legendary Albert's studios, home of AC/DC, it's a showcase of the bands shear ability and consistent development.

Results in from Triple M's best Aussie songs of 2009 saw track 1 from the EP 'Hey Man' come in at number 14. Sunshine City also making its mark on FOX Sports, being used as the theme song for its summer 09/10 campaign.

Early 2013 saw the band fly to New York and work on their new record with producers Gus Van Go and Werner F. (The Grates, Monster Truck, The Stills, Hollerado, The Trews & Priestess) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The new album "All Fired Up" captures the bands classic Australian rock sound and sense for melody. The album is full of sing along choruses, speaker tearing guitar riffs and songs that make you want to Rock!! This is by far the bands greatest work to date with a release date scheduled for late 2014.


Revival is certainly an apt term for what Open Air bring to the table. Their sound is like a blender full of Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Cream with a dash of just about everything else rock from the late 60's and onward to the mid 90's. But this isn't just a bunch of influences and dated genres making for a who's who listening experience, but more like the glue and glitter that binds the inner seams together. At their core they are five gifted musicians with a love for the craft and their fans.
The band's newly released Extended Play brings extreme energy with superb production that rocks hard with plenty of sparkle and enough bottom end to kick you squarely in your tender parts.
Open Air's live performances definitely stand out. With a lot of moving around and involvement in the music, Open Air is a band that honestly enjoys what they do, and this is part of what makes them a bit different. There is a youthful exuberance and a true appreciation for what's around them, namely their art and their audience.
Life has gotten complicated and intense in the last couple of decades, but any rock fan who has cut their ear-teeth on the grand-daddies of this loud devils music will tell you that true rock n' roll never dies. And if Open Air is among the next generation of tried and true stadium rockers then the future of this beast is in good hands and will live on.