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Joseph Schuck and the Glue

with Backline Boys, House of Lords and Jarin Dean

$20 advance, $40 door

From the Promoter


Lawyer by day, long-time Folk Fest volunteer and board member in his spare time and songwriting whiz and guitarist by night Joseph Schuck has always wanted to record an album of his original songs. A recent pancreatic cancer diagnosis jump-started him into realizing his dream and celebrating the album’s release with his fellow volunteers and musician friends in his favourite Calgary venue/home.

Schuck’s album Flower Girl, dedicated to his daughter Katie, parlays his love of Dylan, Petty and Cash into songs about love and loss, spinning simple, everyday life events and into a web of emotions it’s tough to extract yourself from. Joseph and his band perform the songs live for the first time. The Tom Petty-loving Backline Boys are so named as its other members Jay Nelson, Ernie Duffy and Steve Eichler also volunteer on crews that ensure artists sound awesome by supplying backline to Festival stages. The aptly-named House of Lords will play their award-winning set from the recent Calgary Bar Association Battle of the Bar Bands.