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A Tribe Called Red


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A Tribe Called

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A Tribe Called Red is a modern gateway into urban and contemporary indigenous culture and experience, celebrating all its layers and complexity.  They are part of a vital new generation of artists making a cultural and social impact in Canada alongside a renewed indigenous rights movement.
They’ll spend time with indigenous youth giving them feedback on their songs, which will be followed by a public Q & A about their music, creative process and culture.
This is a free event for indigenous youth and is limited to 12 participants. Please call 403-233-0904 to inquire about registration. 


This Ottawa native producer/DJ crew dubs their pioneering sound “pow-wowstep,” a fresh fusion of traditional vocals and drumming with cutting-edge electronic music. It’s art that respectfully pays homage to roots while pushing the envelope, resulting in them being long- listed for the Polaris Music Prize and nominees for the 2013 Juno awards in two categories. While getting accolades and shaking up club culture, they’re also the hip face of an urban native youth renaissance and resistance. DJ Bear Witness doubles as the crew’s visual artist, creating stunning, political and sometimes humorous videos that incorporate film and pop culture references to native people and reclaim the aboriginal image. The modern and ancient complement one another gracefully as dark synths meld with stuttering stabs of bass, juxtaposed with mournful other-era chants.