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Fortunate Ones

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Pianist and accordionist Catherine Allan grew up in a musical home in Corner Brook and discovered the accordion five years ago when her brother brought one home at Christmas. Her talent shone through on her introduction to the St. John's music scene and led to her meeting and performing with guitarist Andrew James O'Brien, who dropped her a note after hearing her singing harmony with her brother at a party in 2010. The next day he got up the nerve, left her a note, she acquiesced, and within 48 hours they were playing together on stage. They began charming crowds with their sweet and shimmering pop-folk sound, finally coalescing into a duo in 2013, dubbing themselves Fortunate Ones out of the simple joy of being privileged enough to pursue their musical dreams. And they're not the only fortunate ones, as anyone who's lucky enough to hear the talented pair's endearingly simple, direct and beautiful music will attest. They weave hope, harmony and heart with their wide-eyed energy, pragmatic optimism and earnest mission for connection.

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