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Abby K

with Marty Pawlina, Krissy Feniak and Natalia Chai

$5 advance, $10 door

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From the Promoter


A near death experience on the salt flats of Bolivia convinced singer/songwriter Marty Pawlina that his life path lay down a musical road. A motorcycle accident left him stranded hundreds of kilometres from civilization. The songs of his friends and his musical mentors on his iPod helped Pawlina get through two days of walking and one bitterly cold night.

Exhausted, still in the middle of nowhere - guitar in hand, Marty Pawlina took a hard look at what he was doing with his life. After he was found and returned to Canada, Marty tossed a programming career to pursue his passion for music.

A charismatic performer, Pawlina won local contests before starting his post secondary education, but he seriously committed to music on his return from South America. Marty Pawlina has sold out several concerts he’s played in Edmonton and shows no signs of slowing down.

A dedicated writer, Pawlina has spent the past two years honing his craft in preparation for a trip into the studio in 2012 to record his first album. Working with veteran producer Louis Sedmak (Ian Tyson, Duane Steele, Sandro Dominelli), Pawlina wants to capture his musical style. With inspiration as diverse as Stevie Ray Vaughn, David Gray and Ben Harper, Pawlina’s combination of folk, rock, pop and roots resonate in the studio the same way it has on Alberta stages.


Natalia is a solo R&B/neosoul/hip-hop artist from Edmonton, Alberta. Fusing chords of 7ths together, Natalia aims to connect real matters in the world with matters in our separate lives through the combined harmonic sounds of the black and white keys of the piano.