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with Demise, Repugnant Scum and False Body

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"Adolyne is a cathartic, primal force that will tear down your soul and spit it in your face..... It’s usually a cliché to say something defies categorization, but I’ll take a punch in the face before I’ll offer a definitive description of the music that Adolyne makes. It’s best to just get the hell out of the way." -Crag Sillaphant (Planet S)


Three piece dark hardcore/crust band from Edmonton since 2013, past members of Secret Rivals and Deadhead Catastrophe. In the process of releasing our second album 'Endless Restraint', that will be fully released late March. Sound is a mix of the metal infused heaviness from dark hardcore, and the fast politically charged elements of crust. All three members share the role of lead vocalist.


An Edmonton-based three piece making extreme music.