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Arlo Maverick and The Provincial Archive

with Martin Kerr, Kimberley MacGregor, Celeigh Cardinal and Our Good Wolf


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Arlo Maverick is an Edmonton-based hip-hop MC that has celebrated many successes. As 1/4 of the Edmonton hip-hop collective Politic Live, some of these accomplishments include three Western Canadian Music Award nominations, critical acclaim from accredited music sites in Canada and the US and national campus radio chart activity.

Arlo Maverick’s sound explores Jazz, Electro, and Soul yet identifies itself as hip-hop. Growing up Arlo was influenced by his uncle’s multi-genre record collection of Country Western, Funk, Gospel and R&B. His sound is a reflection of his diverse and rich musical upbringing.

Writing from his personal experiences Arlo Maverick connects with his fans one song at a time. Lyrically Arlo’s music is a poetic narration of everyday life experiences. Be it songs about the innocence of falling in love, confronting one’s inner demons, or the struggles of making ends meet, Arlo Maverick’s music is as much about moving his audience physically as it is about moving them emotionally.

Stepping away from hip-hop’s tradition of just an MC and a DJ, Arlo Maverick also performs with his live band. With influences like K-Os, The Black Keys and The Roots, Arlo’s live show is a fun, energetic and interactive experience where the audience is freed of their inhibitions and exists in the moment. In addition to bringing his show to audiences throughout western Canada through tours, Arlo has also showcased at Canadian Music Week, Breakout West and the Edmonton and Winnipeg Jazz Festivals.

Arlo Maverick is currently preparing the release of a concept album entitled, Maybe Tomorrow.


If you thought that The Provincial Archive was a locked room full of dusty legal documents and microfiches, you have been horrendously misled. Despite the nostalgic turn that their name implies, The Provincial Archive's music is forward-thinking rhythmic pop with a nod to folk influences and instrumentation. Equal parts banjos and drum machines with sparkly guitar melodies and layers of ornate hooks and melodies, the band lives in melodic head-swaying territory. Lyrically the band stays close to home with easily accessible modern sentiments in a uniquely Canadian voice, but don't worry, they aren't all about shoveling the snow off the driveway. TPA makes dancing along to banjo electronica easy with their breezy and contented jams.


"If Jack Johnson were bitten by a radioactive Cat Stevens, the result would be a superhuman being named Martin Kerr", said a college newspaper reviewer on hearing Martin's award-winning album, I Know You're Out There.

Like both those artists, his lyrics are original, profound and instantly memorable. With his red-hair and crystal clear tone, he caught the eye of the Canadian Idol judges and viewers in 2008, reaching the top 16 on Canada's most watched show.

Born and raised in Britain, Martin has visited over 30 countries and believes passionately in the oneness of all races and religions. During his travels, he spent a year teaching music to preschoolers in Beijing. The dozens of songs he wrote there are now used in hundreds of schools around China to encourage the virtues of courage, patience and kindness.

Now settled in Edmonton, Canada, he has become a fixture of the summer scene, drawing huge crowds to his street performances and selling thousands of CDs from his guitar case. The Edmonton Journal dedicated a two-page feature article to his busking exploits, naming him #2 in their '52 things to love about Edmonton'.

As well as street-corners, he has graced some of the finest concert halls, major international conferences, places of worship of various faiths, folk clubs and countless house concerts across North America.

His latest recording, 'Drop in The Sea' features eleven acoustic covers of inspirational modern classics such as Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, Into the Mystic by Van Morrison and Paul McCartney's Blackbird.

For details of upcoming performances and to hear his recordings, visit

"Took us all by storm" - BBC World Radio
"One of my favourite people here" "You'll be a huge star" - Zack Werner, Canadian Idol
"Best Canadian Pop Album 2007" - Toronto Exclusive Magazine


“The world breaks everyone, and afterwards, some are strong at the broken places.”

Kimberley MacGregor is an Edmonton, Alberta-based singer-songwriter who believes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that whisky is a health tonic. She lovingly crafts and passionately performs songs that will move your heart, change your mind, and stomp your feet. With her band, she can rock a festival crowd at any time of day or night; solo, she can deliver an intimate acoustic performance that never fails to captivate an entire room. Reminiscent of Susan Tedeschi and meeting Etta James head-on, her voice and energy will change how you experience modern music.

After several noteworthy performances in 2014, including the Sasquatch Gathering, The Heart of the City Festival, and North Country Fair’s Afterbender, as well as opening sets for Mike McDonald’s CD release (Jr. Gone Wild, A Bunch of Mary’s), and The Sadies, Kimberley started 2015 with a triumphant bang, winning Female Artist of the Year and R&B/Soul Recording of the Year at the Edmonton Music Awards.

Having lent her talents over the past ten years to many local bands, including The Living Daylights, The Tubsteppers, The Great North Blues Band, 80’s Dad and Cadence and Nathan, Kimberley’s current dedication to her original work is strongly expressed in her debut album True, which was released to a sold-out crowd last year, and has garnered play on CBC Radio, CKUA, and campus and community radio across Canada, climbing the charts on several of these stations.

Kimberley has already been hard at work recording her second album, which is planned for release this Fall. 2015 continues to be a year of excitement, new ambitions, expanding horizons, bottomless glasses, and endless possibilities.


Celeigh Cardinal is a prairie girl through and through. Blues and Jazz roots dig deep through her heartfelt folk songs. This Métis singer/songwriter is easily one of the finest vocalists to hail from the Peace Country. She has received many accolades in her musical journey. Celeigh was named the Cultural Ambassador for Arctic Winter Games 2010 for her artistic and cultural contributions. She was awarded with an Aboriginal Youth Role Model Award in 2010 in Grande Prairie for her dedication to Arts, music and creativity. Celeigh has just recently worked at the Banff Centre for the Arts as part of the “ReClaim” program and in October, 2016, Celeigh was choosen to receive a grant from ATB Financial and Alberta Music as part of a program to encourage to Alberta musicians.
A Celeigh Cardinal performance is a heartfelt, soulful triumph of songs that are a concoction of folkstyle blues, rock and pop. Her voice is a blend of gentleness and control which turns to raunchy, gut wrenching, twisting-and-turning-yourself-inside-out blues within a single phrase. She is a passionate performer who can evoke a plethora of emotions with her deliberate words and her rich contralto voice. Singing is what this woman was born to do, and it is evident in every performance. She is currently based out of Edmonton, Alberta and continues to perform solo, duo or with her band.


Our Good Wolf was formed in 2012 and grew from the wish to write and create original music that reflected their eclectic interests.

The 5 piece indie-alternative band draw inspiration from all over the place, from modern alternative rock, to classic folk and country, to their favourite funk and jazz records, to Romantic poetry. A constant theme in the band has been collective thought, and it is incorporation of many themes that has often pushed them into new and exciting terrain.

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