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Sunshine Dealer

with Brenda Dirk, Kaeley Wiebe and Bailey Hoffman
All Ages

$5 advance, $10 door

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From the Promoter


Brenda Dirk was born October 2nd, 1998 in the small town of Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada.

Growing up, Brenda was always inspired by music, she loved to dance and sing, and write random lyrics on the spot - she was especially inspired when she saw her dad and grandpa pick up a guitar, or an accordion, and play away.

Living on an acreage on the outskirts of Edmonton, and being the youngest of three in the family, she knew her work was cut out for her to make her mark. By grade 8 she figured out it was her turn to pick up the guitar, and so she did. Her favorite class in school was one called Rock ‘n Pop where you had to put together a band so you could perform at random events. It was there she found out that she could touch people with her music. This inspired her to write her own songs and gave her the desire to be a performer!


19-year-old Singer-Songwriter from Edmonton, AB.


A little lady with a big voice, Bailey Hoffman is a powerhouse singer-songwriter from Spruce Grove, Ab. Though Hoffman is only just 13 years old, her sounds reflects a greater maturity. Covering artists like Adele and Rihanna, this new artist sings with conviction and skill. The audience is sure to be charmed by her humor, honesty and raw talent. Though Hoffman is a new solo performer, she is not a stranger to the stage. Cast directors, teachers and music instructors have recognized the talent of this rising-star and have selected her for the main roles in multiple productions and concerts. Hoffman also self-accompanies with multiple instruments. Come watch her play guitar, keyboard and ukulele! Her original music will give you a glimpse into her world while her cover songs will show she can take a fan-favourite and make it her own.