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Delhi 2 Dublin

with DJ Khanvict and Oozeela

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Delhi 2

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Delhi 2 Dublin is a hybrid live/ electronic act whose concerts have been likened to '90 minutes of freebasing joy'. Famous for their energy onstage, the five member crew has played over 100 shows a year for the last decade at festivals like Electric Forest (USA), Woodford Folk (Australia) and Bali Spirit Festival (Indonesia). Connecting roots to future, D2D features a heavy electronic backbone with live traditional Indian instruments (dhol, tabla), fiddle, electric guitar, and the stunning punjabi-english vocals of frontman Sanjay Seran. The new album, 'We're All Desi' sees the notorious genre smashers continue to evolve into fresh sonic territory. Teaming up with red hot producer Nick Middleton (The Funk Hunters), the result is a battle call for a quickening world - more truth, more smiles… and a lot more bass.


DJ Khanvict - AKA Asad Khan, is a multi-genre west coast DJ hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia. Starting out as everyone’s favorite local block DJ at private house and college parties, Khanvict decided to venture deeper into the industry, performing at local shows and fundraisers, all while pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. Developing a strong passion for the art, DJ Khanvict decided to turn professional after heavy recruitment from various Vancouver-renowned entertainment companies. Under their steady tutelage and guidance, Khanvict was able to make a name for himself, spinning at various wedding receptions and nightclubs across Vancouver. His comprehensive music library, natural feel for the crowd, and his everlasting love and passion for a good beat meant that the progression from an underground enthusiast to a heavily recruited DJ happened swiftly.

DJ Khanvict has now established himself as the top South Asian/Fusion wedding DJ on the west coast, as confirmed by several industry professionals and credible client feedback. He was announced the winner of the Best Wedding DJ Award at the South Asian Wedding Awards, 2013 & has performed alongside several heavyweights in the South Asian music industry including Jassi Sidhu, Jas Dhami, Jazzy B, H Dhami, Manni Sandhu, RDB, Nindy Kaur, Sardara Gill, Sukshinder Shinda, Angrej Ali, Aman Hayer, Manak E, Gippy Grewal and PropheC, to name a few.

DJ Khanvict has been by far one of the most booked live wedding DJ in all of Vancouver for the year 2013 with almost no weekends off in the entire summer. He has also been the most featured DJ at fusion club events including after parties for the Times of India Film Awards. He has rocked wedding receptions with attendance in the thousands and massive parties at banquet halls, outdoor venues, high-end hotels, boat cruises, clubs, and concerts. His ability to mix between a diverse range of music genres such as Bhangra, Hindi, House, R&B, Hip Hop and Top 40 has seen him earn nothing but rave reviews from clients across Canada.

Integral to the success of a critically acclaimed wedding DJ is their mic presence, an area where DJ Khanvict especially excels. Elevating his MC skills with an unprecedented display of crowd interaction through dance-offs and the trademark Khanvict Harlem Shake, several clients claim his sense of humour and composure alone are enough to entertain a crowd. Complementing his ability on the mic, his distinguished stage presence tops off the overall vibe of the event with dazzling DJ setups ranging from DJ Consoles with Truss to full LED wall setups comparable to the likes of high profile EDC artist setups. He strives to ensure that each and every guest has an unforgettable experience and the dance floor remains bumpin’ throughout the night.

In November 2013, DJ Khanvict took his enterprise to the next level by launching his own Dj’ing and Event Production Company called Decibel Entertainment and is now available for bookings through them.

Only time will tell what the future has in store. The sentence has just begun…


As an entertainer, Oozeela brings an energy and charisma to the stage matched only to the likes of Michael Jackson or Damian Marley. As a recording artist, Oozeela soothes the soul with thought provoking music that make you move left to right either by yourself, or with your significant other.

The 'Snake Charmer' uses his musical talents in the studio to compose original music that is clean and funky, making you dance to the tunes of Spirituality, Love, Politics, and more importantly, everyday common themes that make life worth living.