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with Francis Connolly, Bethany Davidson and Tanjeryne

$10 advance

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Teash is a singer/songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta. She started singing at the age of four and enrolled into classical training at the age of seven. After nine years, she found herself as a Pop singer and trained with a group called Premiere Entertainment. After performing with the group for several years, Teasha took a break from music to pursue her degree. In 2017, Teasha realized her true passion for music and the creativity took over. She was reborn and her love for singing and songwriting became stronger.

September 2017 marked the beginning of a new chapter for the aspiring performer. Teash is a project that takes a unique twist of pop/indie/R&B alternative music, utilizing electronic production. Teasha’s voice has a striking blend of classical, R&B, and folk. Her classical training shows in her range, vibrato, and crisp soprano. Teasha began writing lyrics at the age of 14, and years later it is coming to fruition as she blossoms into an outstanding performer. Her lyrics and melodies flow through her head and onto her notepad, producing an experience that can only be rivaled by the crashing waves of the Ocean... Her lyrics are a blend of sassy and heartbreak, and her electric personality shines through in her performances. Teash has arrived.


Edmonton based singer/songwriter