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The Alberta Recording Arts Foundation was founded in 1980 by Bob McCord from CISN Radio in accordance to the licensing agreement that was required by the CRTC for radio broadcasting. This led to the incorporation of the Alberta Recording Industries Association (ARIA) in 1984 under the Societies Act of Alberta. Its official mandate was to “participate and assist in the overall development and improvement of the Alberta and Canadian recorded music industry, especially as it relates to Alberta.”

The office was in the basement of the CISN radio station in Edmonton and employed one administrative assistant. In early 1986 ARIA presented “The David Foster Songwriting Contest”, opening it up to all Alberta artists providing they were members of ARIA. Needless to say, ARIA quickly gained 1,000 members, consisting largely of artists from the industry. The contest continued for another two years but then, ARIA changed their annual event to a provincial awards show.

As funds came in, more educational seminars were presented providing our members with the opportunity to meet and talk with industry pro’s from around the country.