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The Mothercraft

with Chron Goblin, Sparrow Blue and Fear The Mammoth

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Pillars is the debut EP from Canada's The Mothercraft. Canada's The Mothercraft, Geoff Keller (drums), Grizz Penner (bass/vocals) and Jordan LeMoine (guitar/vocals), have been playing cat and mouse with us for what seems like ages, teasing us with a track here, a video there, all the time promising us the release of something a little more tangible, something a little more full-bodied. With jobs and families to worry about it is not always easy, either financially or time wise, for a band to drop everything and go into a studio and record but thankfully The Mothercraft have managed get their shit together long enough to deliver on those promises with the release of their long awaited debut EP "Pillars".

So we've been patient , was it worth the wait? The answer is a resounding yes! Ok what The Mothercraft bring to the table is not a game changer or a re-invention of the wheel but those are not promises these guys ever made, what you do get is four tracks of rollicking good metallic rock'n'roll jam packed with unbridled spirit and freshness and delivered with gusto and passion. First track "Cosmic Nod" is a perfect example of a band enjoying what they do and it coming through in their music, you can almost feel the bands collective smile beaming out of the speakers as they hit into a pacey stoner/hard rock groove replete with neo classical shredding, fuzz laden bass riffage and pulverizing percussion fronted by strangely feminine sounding, but totally effective, vocals. By the time you've passed through "Moonrider", with it's superb vocal melody and sludge-lite chorus, "It Follows" with it's call and response vocal interplay and addictive groove, and you arrive at the superbly delivered and executed "Sorceress in Blue" that smile you felt you heard coming through your speakers/headphones has transplanted itself on your own face, magical!

If your on the search for something intense, deep, and thought provoking then my friend you have taken the wrong fork in the road. The Mothercraft pretend to be nothing more than a damn good rock band with a penchant for writing damn good, highly enjoyable rock songs and that is something to damn proud of


Where the desert meets the mountains. That’s the setting both in locale and style that has lead to the “boogie-infused facepunch” class of rock and roll Chron Goblin has proclaimed since their formation in 2009. Swagger and muscle, charm and wit, Chron Goblin pair melody with aggression and groove for a fresh interpretation of heavy. Following the success of 2013's sophomore album Life for the Living and touring in the UK, USA and Canada, the band's highly anticipated third full length album was recorded by Adam Pike (Red Fang), in Portland, OR at Toadhouse Studios, and is set for imminent release.


Sparrow Blue was born on the outskirts of Edmonton Alberta by members : Des Parks (Vocals), Jon Dombroski (Guitar), Liam Holm (Drums), Bernie Baksa (Guitar), Russell McCann (Percussion) and Jeff Olson (Bass) in 2016. Fueled by their old school roots of rock and roll, they stay true to a classic tone and wall of sound. Influenced by bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Mountain etc. they are quick to bring lightning to a stage with their badlands blues rock and


Starting out young. Based from Edmonton AB. Benjamin Stivicic And Patrick Santos new they were ment to rock the stage together. Trying out different instruments they realized the best sound they could get was just from the two of them. FINALLY in 2016 FEAR THE MAMMOTH was born! With Bens heavy fuzz guitar and Patricks hard hitting drums their surf/garage rock/punk sound is sure to make heads bang. Leaving it all on the stage their energy makes people wanna jump and their rhythm make em wanna dance.

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