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Wacken Metal Battle Canada and Protosequence

with Breaking The Silent

$10 advance

From the Promoter


Edmonton’s own Protosequence offer a rush of groovy guitar parts met with story-filled lyrics and serene, landscape-sized instrumentals that roll like hills into a valley.

Protosequence is a reference to the original genome where all life began -- much like the band, which existed in principle before they even had a presence. Each of the members were lying in wait to be activated and become the strain that is now Protosequence. Kyle Hunter (guitar) was constantly crafting near-complete songs that were ready to be realized. It seemed as though there were two projects destined to combine into a singular effort to form the final line-up for the band: Logan (drums), Kyle (guitar), Parker (guitar), Joseph (vocals), and Ryan (ex-bassist). Members have a long history in the Edmonton music scene, playing in bands like Anubian and In The Midst Of A Murder since the early 2000s.

The band draws influence from acts like All Shall Perish, Early-Fallujah, The Faceless and Abiotic. With a foothold on their influences, they root their music in technicality while layering emotional, yet gruff vocals into every track. The band transitions seamlessly through djent riffs, grinding drums, and groove elements, making their sound versatile and ever-changing. Each live performance is crafted like an album played from front to back, with each song bearing a story and painting the room like a canvas -- leaving the colours and experiences on each audience member.

The band has just released their second EP titled, "Biophagous" which is available at Itunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc.


Breaking The Silent is a 4 piece hurricane of Thrash and Power metal hailing from Edmonton, Alberta. These passionate thrashers thrive on bringing back the good old school thrash : Fast beats, melodic shredding and creative power vocals!