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Devan Sanders

with Aryn McConnell, Zeph Samuels and Kena León
All Ages

$10 advance

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Kena Leó

From the Promoter


Aryn McConnell is a musician, actor, and an aspiring director.


Kena León is a Canadian artist, producer and composer based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Her works intertwine the genres of electronica, ambient, world and pop. Her unique style can be described as rhythmic ambient and soft surreal pop with a mix of synthy electronica. When she's not in the studio creating a new track, Kena is busy exploring how electronic aspects can be expressed more organically during live performance.

In the relentless pursuit of new sonic experiences, Kena has collaborated with artists, DJ's and producers to push the boundaries of her sound. She has also incorporated sound healing techniques into her work for the benefit of her listeners.

Her work includes commissions for documentaries, charity promotional videos and other public works. Kena has recently released two meditation tracks as she delved in further into sound healing.