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Shark Infested Daughters

with Juliet Ruin, Kitsune and Dieuponaday

$10 advance

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6 piece Metalcore from Calgary, Alberta

"These Tides, Our Tombs" is an album that has the originality to break down genre walls and create a truly diverse and dedicated fan base. A sound that has the consistency that veteran fans know and love, but still manages to remain dynamic enough to attract a plethora of new listeners. It's rare to find such a definitive offering from an unsigned local band.


Juliet Ruin is just the right blend of beautiful and beastly. With grooving rhythms, heavy grit, soaring solos and soulful vocals it is simply powerhouse!


Kitsune was born from the dissolution of a few local bands. We have been writing and working on music together since the spring of 2015.


Dieuponaday began as studio project between Byron Matthews and Wade Tetz. Over the course of a year threw the recording process it became clear to both Byron and wade that what they had created deserved to be heard from the stage! From the end of the studio process the guys began putting the members they needed together to form the band as it is known today. The member to fill out the band became Austin Hologroski, Vance Neihaus and Rustan McAllister. Since Dieuponaday began playing live in 2013 it has led them to share the stage and make friends with many local Edmonton bands. As well as open for bigger names such as Being As An Ocean, Liferuiner and The Repartee to name a few. As well earned them a nomination for best metal recording at The Edmonton Music awards 2013.2017 is the year Dieuponaday have set to release the long awaited Album #2! Dieuponday will continue to drive their brand of metal music they like to call Premium metal and vow to keep pushing limits within the music they create!

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