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Maia Meister

with Natalia Chai, Amanda Penner and Naeem Gabriel
All Ages

$10 advance

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Natalia is a solo R&B/neosoul/hip-hop artist from Edmonton, Alberta. Fusing chords of 7ths together, Natalia aims to connect real matters in the world with matters in our separate lives through the combined harmonic sounds of the black and white keys of the piano.


Music was a passion of mine growing up, although it wasn't until the age of 10 that I began learning how to play guitar on a 3-string right-handed classical guitar that I had borrowed from a friend. I fell in--love with the instrument.
I grew up in Slave Lake, Alberta. Joining multiple bands in the small, but decent community it was obvious I needed to make music my career.
That's all for now! I hope you enjoy what I post on here.