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Red City Radio

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It's possible that you haven't heard of Red City Radio, so maybe a “band bio” is in order. We bring that point up because this punk band from the Heartland has flourished and grown in popularity without having any real help from the usual suspects. They've never been embraced by the hip websites, they've never had a big record label, and they don't have a fancy booking agent in NYC. None of that shit, just four good friends from Oklahoma City that keep getting better at writing songs and keep playing bigger and bigger shows. Yeah sure, we'll write you a band bio. RCR is all about inclusion, so it's never too late to get on board and come along for the ride.

​First off, as we've already noted, the band hails from the unlikely punk scene of Oklahoma City, OK. That right there probably explains why these kids have been fighting an uphill battle—or more likely—that struggle explains why their creative muscles keep getting stronger. Apart from the isolation, OKC is a funky and unique place, so maybe that's where Red City Radio is coming from with this latest SkyTigers project. Songwriter and vocalist, Garrett Dale, says, “The message with SkyTigers is a message of acceptance and love. Accepting control over your own universe and taking a stand against hate, fear, and confusion...We hope that these songs make our listeners feel like there is someone who feels the same as them. Because there is.”


Worst Days Down is a punk rock band based in Edmonton, Alberta.
Started as a solo acoustic project by guitarist/vocalist, Ben Sir in 2011, it has since changed into a full band featuring members of such notable Edmonton acts as Fire Next Time, Audio/Rocketry, Desiderata and Etown Beatdown.
Following the release of 2013's debut album 'Money, God and Other Drugs,' and a couple years of touring that saw him perform throughout Canada, The United States, Mexico and Central America, Sir was able to recruit Kevin Klemp (guitar/vox,) Jerome Tovillo (drums/vox,) and Matt Murphy (bass/vox,) to join and pursue touring and recording opportunities together. In their few short months together they were selected to be a featured band on Telus TV's new music series 'Secret Setlist,' have recorded a debut 7" due out in the early fall, and have shared the stage and road with bands and artists such as The Flatliners, Chuck Ragan, A Wilhelm Scream, Joey Cape, Dave Hause, Northcote and Russ Rankin. With the release of their debut, as well as the recording of a full length album, the band hopes to hit the road as much as life offers.

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