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The Lost Furs

with Double Double and Kayla Shanti
All Ages

$10 advance

From the Promoter


Double Double is, at its heart, the sound of friendship. Neil Douglas Fraser and Landon Turlock first met in 2008 during junior high. At the time, Fraser played drums and Turlock played lead guitar, and the pair bonded over a mutual love of pop punk and classic rock. After a few failed attempts at starting bands together, the two settled into a fast friendship. It wasn’t until a few years after graduation that Double Double began to brew.

Fraser, having switched to vocals and acoustic guitar, started presenting Turlock with various song ideas after weekend brunches. When Turlock lent some arrangement ideas and countermelodies to Fraser’s energetic, soulful folk songs, the pair decided to adopt the name Double Double and craft the music that would eventually appear on their debut EP, Tag Along.

The four track record will be released on November 3, 2017. The independently produced Tag Along is a sonic snapshot of Double Double’s beginnings. The songs explore adventure, friendship, puppy love and fantasy against the backdrop of western Canada. With influences ranging from fellow Canadians the Barenaked Ladies, Gordon Lightfoot and The Strumbellasto classic acts like Bob Dylan and Townes van Zandt, Double Double have crafted a set of songs suitable to score a road trip with your best friend or new love.


Born into a very musical family, Kayla began singing at the age of 3 with her mom around Edmonton at local events and venues. Heavily immersed in piano and vocal training, she excelled in talent competitions and festivals throughout her teenage years.

Kayla has been primarily focused on teaching voice for the last 8 years, currently working full time at Long and McQuade. She is delighted to share music with students of different levels and ages. However Kayla’s truest passion for music lies in her original writing and she is finally working on her first EP. Her love for tormented yet beautiful harmonies and heart wrenching hooks, paired with her earnest delivery make for a very raw and almost spiritual experience. Her songwriting intent is to aide in healing or celebrating. Her graceful but formidable command of the piano and her pure vocal conviction seem to transcend time.