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Miss Benzo and Khaled Rahime

$15 advance, $20 door

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Miss.Benzo (Mercedes) , Originally from Edmonton, Alberta , raised in Las Vegas Nevada . Follow Apple Music Spotify google play for upcoming songs !


It was very apparent from a very young age that Khaled Rahime was born to be on stage. Many noticed Khaled's talent in music, theater and dance. Realizing his love for music Khaled quickly enrolled himself in music and dance. Beleiving from the age of 8 this is what he wanted to pursue, he quickly began perfecting his writing, vocal and performing skills.

Khaled spent two years writing music, and finally moved into the next process of recording. Catching a local radio station's attention, Khaled was scouted and was brought into the studio to record his debut single "Get Closer" which quickly caught airplay. At the age of 17, it was very clear he had that "It" factor to offer.

To gain exposure and audience Khaled was selected for various shows. Becoming on high demand in Edmonton, Khaled was chosen to perform at "The Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation" to "Edmonton Fashion Week" and even selected to be the opening act for "Sean Kingston" in a sold out venue. After many great reviews, it was Khaled's performance at the Sean Kingston concert that had everyone buzzing.

Quickly Khaled began to explore his musical talent, from genres of pop to urban, electro and r&b, he became a familiar face and name in the music scene. Shortly Khaled was approached by various producers and began to co-produce his own material. Suddenly with the success of his record , Khaled began to approach various club owners and radio stations, Even having his single "Never Love Again" premiere on 101.7 CBC Canada Radio. Khaled's voice became familiar in clubs and households.

To date Khaled Rahime has been able to achieve great experiences that have prepared him for what is to come. Khaled's hopes are to leave his mark in the industry, and share his gift of music with the world.

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