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White Cowbell Oklahoma

with Zombie Cookout, Hellfire Special and Electric Audrey 2

$10 advance

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White Cowbell
Electric Audrey

From the Promoter


Electric Audrey II is a dynamic 6-piece mash up of rockabilly, country/western, punk and rock from Edmonton, Alberta. They're a high energy group of no-so-politically-correct, immature goofballs that set out to achieve maximum silliness and excellent entertainment every performance. All members (hee hee... members...) have a pretty diverse background and bring their zest to Electric Audrey II for some fresh new sounds by combining several genres. Great, now this overview sounds like a resume. "High energy" group? Seriously, every fucking rock band says that in their bio. Combining several genres? Wow, they must be soooooo unique and special.