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with Diocletian, Goatpenis, Nuclearhammer, Hellfire Deathcult, FIN, Goathammer and Secret Band

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One of the most prolific bands to ever come out of the Canadian Black Metal scene. With four full-length albums, two EP's and multiple international tours and festival appearances behind them, Canada's Revenge have for over a decade cultivated what is arguably one of the most confrontational sounds in the metal underground. Keeping an extremely low profile as far as engaging the public with interviews and social media, Revenge has instead utilized the word of mouth approach to build a large die hard following worldwide that continues to grow every year based on the strength of the bands Music, lone wolf attitude and insanely chaotic live performances. (As those who witnessed their extremely well received appearance at this years Maryland Death Fest can attest to.) The bands appearance at Noctis Fest will mark their first appearance in western Canada and only their second Canadian show ever in the bands 13 year existence. Not to be missed, Revenge walk alone above the weak enemy scum with absolute disregard for all who question their approach of undying intolerance for the swine known as mankind.


Death/black metal band from New Zealand.


Brazilian black metal band. Originally formed in 1988 under the name Suppurated Fetus, active under the name Goatpenis since 1991.

Current line-up:
Sabbaoth: Vocals, Bass
Virrugus Apocalli: Guitars
Impaler (Marcos Diegel): Drums


Canadian black/death metal band formed in 2005


Black / Death Metal band from Chicago, IL, USA formed in 2013.


Communal Invokators of Abhorrence. Unholy Cryptfucking Metal. Obey The Hammer.