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Unleash The Archers and Striker

with The Order Of Chaos and W.M.D.

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Unleash The
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Female fronted Death/Thrash Metal band from Vancouver, BC Canada, formed by vocalist Brittney Hayes and drummer Scott Buchanan. They have been on the road since their inception in 2007, and subsequently created an immensely loyal North American fanbase.

Unleash The Archers


Canada’s STRIKER have recently unleashed their fifth studio release on Friday, February 24th via their own independent label Record Breaking Records. The self-titled album continues the band’s classic mix of heavy metal, hard rock, and 80’s hair metal that features powerful, clean vocals, catchy choruses, vocal harmonies, and impressive guitar leads. Featuring 9 shredding tracks that’s all killer and no filler, the album follows their award winning (Western Canadian Music Award + Edmonton Music Award) 2016 release ‘Stand In The Fire’. Teaming up with, STRIKER is excited to present the exclusive full album stream.
“This is 35 minutes of your life you’ll be glad you can’t get back. A potent mix of shred that will remind you why you fell in love with metal in the first place.” comments the band.Listen to the full stream plus an interview with STRIKER at the following link:

Lyric Video ‘Born To Lose’ at

“Striker gush with so much enthusiasm here, with explosive riffs swirling between the vibrant harmonies and choruses, that it’s hard not to notice…Tracks like “Former Glory” and “Born to Lose” are anthemic, catchy as hell and feature soaring vocals from Dan Cleary and terrific guitar work by Tim Brown…On Striker, the band take a host of influences and hone them into a sound they can call their own.” – Exclaim!

“When a band releases an eponymous album it’s a statement of intent, a sign of confidence, everything being as it should be. For make no mistake, Striker are a special band. As the old Metal Gods ascend to Valhalla, new gods will arise. This is Striker’s fifth album and it’s just timeless. Not retro, not looking back, but taking everything that’s uplifting and glorious about heavy metal into 2017 and beyond…this album has to be in every writer and fan’s top ten at the end of 2017.” – Hellbound

“Everything on “Striker” is pure heavy metal…This record doesn’t have any weak songs, but there are definitely a few standout cuts. The pre-release single “Born To Lose” was chosen appropriately, as it manages to be one of the catchiest songs on the album. It is matched by the opener, “Former Glory”, and the aforementioned “Freedom’s Call”, as one of the songs that should be in heavy rotation in the band’s live sets.” – Skull Fracturing Metal

“Striker’s new self titled album shatters expectations, is groovy, aggressive & fast as f*** ” – Fox Force Five News

“Striker show they are among today’s best young ’80s-style metal bands.” – Heavy Music Headquarters

“It’s an incredible album! Knowing how hard the band has worked, and how much they’ve developed over the years, this album feels to me like Striker have come home. The bottom line is this: you can’t have a bad time with Striker.” – Metal Wani

“This is an album full of pure unashamed metal songs that sound like some cult favourite band from the 80s could have written and recorded. But in an unexpected way my ears seem so much more invested in every aspect of Striker’s sound…Striker starts the album off with Former Glory and Pass Me By. Both of these fierce and dominant metal songs introduce the band perfectly….definitely worth grabbing if you dig a traditional metal vibe with soaring, memorable vocal melodies and great old fashioned riffage.” – Metal Nation Radio

“Striker, are back with their new self-titled album and for the fifth time they have delivered some serious riffage. It now seems entirely possibly these gentlemen possess some kind of mystical time machine, and are able to bring the old school stadium filling fire to the new generation of listeners.” – Canadian Beats


Hard rock band from Alberta, Canada.


Formed in 2015, W.M.D, previously known as Shrapnal, has evolved into a blistering fast thrash act that consistently destroys every performance. Their name, which stands for "When Minds Develop", is a concept that inspires their heavy Thrash Metal with the idea that the developed human mind is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. W.M.D are currently recording their debut album, which will be released in July of 2017, so prepare yourselves for a party.


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