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Medical Pilot

with Reform and & Guests

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Medical Pilot is an explosive, guitar driven alternative rock band. With stellar riffs, brilliant melodies, and an engaging stage presence, Medical Pilot exemplifies the exact kind of band that you want to go out and see!


Rock / JazzRock Band from Magdeburg, DDR (GDR). Existed 1975 to 1986.

Members in 1979: Stephan Trepte (voc, keyb), Jörg Blankenburg (g), Werner Kunze (g, keyb), Jörg Dobbersch (bg), Peter Piele (dr).

Members in 1981: Stephan Trepte (voc, keyb), Jörg Blankenburg (ld, g), Günther Fischer (2) (g, voc), Michael Demnitz (bg), Peter Förster (dr), Hans Wintoch (v).

Members in 1986: Stephan Trepte (voc), Michael Lehrmann (g), Reinhard Repke (b), Thomas Kolbe (keyb), Christian Jähnig (dr).

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