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Rival Sons

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When they first began writing for their new album, Feral Roots, Rival Sons vocalist Jay Buchanan and guitarist Scott Holiday holed up for a week in a bare-bones shack just off the historic Natchez Trace. There, in the lavishly overgrown wilderness of the South Tennessee woods, they bore the genesis of Rival Sons’ new full-length Album. For the Long Beach, California band's debut for Low Country Sound/Atlantic Records—Feral Roots echoes its origins with a sound and spirit both thrillingly untamed and wildly majestic.

For Rival Sons, the primal intensity of Feral Roots reflects a certain unrest at the heart of the album. “I’m working to reconcile my dirt-road DNA with our growing dependency on technology and the over-communication that comes with that,” says Buchanan, whose bandmates also include drummer Michael Miley and bassist Dave Beste. “We’re surrounded by and are subordinate to our own creation; I looked to the undomesticated nature that lies dormant beneath our civil choreography, to what created us.” But with its nuanced explorations of both the wild and the domestic struggles of love and truth, Feral Roots ultimately argues for pushing beyond pure survival instincts and striving for something more exalted: to reclaim a long-diluted genre with a galvanizing return to form.


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