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Gurdas Maan

$40—$70 advance

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Born in the small village of Giddarbaha, Punjab and formally educated in Malout, Gurdas Maan always had a passion for music and sports. Upon completion of his studies, he decided to become a sports coach at the National Sports Institute in Patiala City where he successfully completed his Masters in Physical Education. In the midst of searching for the right job with his Master's Degree, he decided to venture into his creative talent; stage plays and writing lyrics. It was not until 1979 that Gurdas got his first big break when he was approached by a local television station. His very first song, Dil Da Mamla, became an instant hit due to its unusual flavor and fresh rhythm. Gurdas was finally appreciated for his unique musical talent. After the release of his first musical album in 1983, their was no turning back. Till to date he has recorded 28 albums and has written over 300 songs. Constantly ruling the Punjabi music scene for over three decades, Gurdas still has the charisma whic