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Growing up in the shadow of the nation’s Capital in a small town called Manotick, kids had to hatch their own fun. For brothers Jake (drums) and Nixon Boyd (lead guitar), Menno Versteeg (guitar, lead vocals) and Dean Baxter (bass), their dream of trading songs for adventures as Hollerado would turn into more than a decade of packed venues, radio hits and world travels.

Hollerado’s Do-It-Yourself spirit has served them well. They created their own record label, Royal Mountain Records, which helped propel bands like PUP and Alvvays through their startup days. Hollerado kept the DIY aesthetic for their first release in 2009 – Record in a Bag. Besides the glitter, stickers, and temporary tattoos added to every zip-locked package, the album was stuffed with songs about what they knew best – drinking, having fun, and life on the road.


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