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Welcome to Night Vale

All Ages

$34.50—$39.50 advance

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Welcome to Night

From the Promoter

The Welcome to Night Vale 2018 / 2019 World Tour "A Spy in the Desert" will bring a new story to the surreal desert town of Night Vale, examining the role secrets play in the lives there. This entirely new script written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor is a completely stand-alone story that will never be heard on the podcast, and can be enjoyed by both long-time fans and newcomers alike. The live show will deliver rich, nuanced drama in the form of a community radio show, and will continue with the Night Vale tradition of finding new and unexpected ways to incorporate the audience into the story. And a secret will be shared at the end of every show.

The tour will feature Cecil Baldwin as Cecil, the voice of Night Vale, Symphony Sanders as Tamika Flynn, and Meg Bashwiner as Deb and the Emcee, as well as surprise guests playing fan-favorite characters. Shows will feature live music from Disparition and special musical guest Dane Terry as “The Weather.” Terry will also be opening for the show with a special performance of his podcast Dreamboy.


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