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PJ Harvey

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From the Promoter

PJ HARVEY will embark on a long awaited North American Tour. The 15-date run is in support of her Grammy-nominated album The Hope Six Demolition Project.

"Rhythms, in the form of militant drum beats, create a boots-on-the-ground feel. Guitars, jagged and fiery, cut through the groove like a fist in the air. And saxophones are raw, dirty and ready to howl… If times are tough, Harvey seemed to be saying, we may as well go down swinging.”-- LOS ANGELES TIMES

"The show transfixed thanks to the skill and versatility of all the players, and the synergy that makes Hope Six… so coolly well-rounded. In all its martial glory, the record, and the show by extension, speaks to the many tiny ways that America hides the truth that it’s a territory that subsists on a dream of prosperity many never live to experience. The music could be beguilingly sweet, but the message burned hotly underneath.”--VULTURE