This show has passed.

‘77 MONTRÉAL w/ X and The Vandals

with The Bouncing Souls, Jake Burns (of Stiff Little Fingers), Madball, The Kingpins, Joyce Manor, The Creepshow, Barrasso, Genetic Control and Pale Lips


From the Promoter

’77 MONTRÉAL is an all day, multi-generational experience that will have punk fans witness their favourite local and international punk acts from past and present. They will get to wander, or pogo, through a living archive of punk history with exhibits of vintage posters, ‘zines and archival promotional items, a vendors village, a record fair and films.

Montreal has a rich punk history, playing host to some of the biggest punk acts in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Later in the 90’s, it was one of the most successful cities on the Vans Warped tour at the height of the skate punk scene’s popularity. This big bang of punk and alternative music, and the plethora of sub genres, continued to expand until the present day. '77 MONTRÉAL seeks to gather this community that has been growing over the last 40 years to celebrate the spirit of the Montreal punk scene.

The promoters behind ’77 MONTRÉAL have been booking punk rock shows in Montreal for over 30 years. From the early days of church basements and clubs to promoting 19 Vans Warped tours and our earliest festivals, Ramp Rage and Sno Jam, our love of the music and the scene has never faded.

A zone dedicated to children will be available for parents who want to bring their kids along to initiate them to the scene. Finally, no music event is complete without a selection of food trucks offering tasty food and drinks, shade, picnic tables and ice cream.