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with The Shakewell Brothers

PWYC, $5 sugg.

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From the Promoter

A special event for the two bands. bland and The Shake Well Brothers will be deferring from there normal sets to bring you a more improvised feel January 17th L'Escalier Montréal.

Doors - 9

The Shake Well Brothers - 9:45

bland -10:45

Un événement spécial pour les deux groupes. bland et The Shake Well Brothers s'en écarteront pour vous offrir une ambiance plus improvisée le 17 janvier prochain à L'Escalier Montréal.

Portes - 21h

The Shake Well Brothers - 21:45h

bland -22:45h



Banned for 7 years, now finally released. What you fear most is among you. bland is an ever evolving group lead by guitarist, singer, song writer Stephen Baird; Recently just moved to Montreal from suburbs of Toronto, Canada.
Gorgeously twisting through an abyss of styles and sonic palettes; bland is the gnome at the end of the road consistently misguiding and deceiving your daily perception of life through melody.

They say they eat reverse-centaurs and gawk at the sun while stumbling on phosphene induced haze. They say that they towel dry in Oregon. They say they play dominos on Sundays in Alabama. Look closely at your neighbour ... trust no-one ... they're here.

The Shake Well Brothers
garage punk blues rocknroll oldies and new school underground.
Free music for free people, garage punk rock et roll

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