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Lake South and Mich cota

with Chalks and Awwful

PWYC, $10 sugg.

Band Details

From the Promoter

Lake South
Multi-instrumentalist/songwriter from Aotearoa New Zealand. Lake performs live electricUTOPIA music with voice, midi triggers and guitar.

Mich Cota
Mich Cota is a two spirit Algonquin-mixed woman. Her work is focused on the celebration of queerness, trans visibility and the spectrum of Indigeneity. Her artistic intention is to provide an unfamiliar but safe area where people across community lines can begin to digest the intensity of differing, specifically the emotional weight contained in the voices of people in conflict.

Chalks is a pop songstress and multidisciplinary artist who embraces and radiates ethereal textures that will have you dancing with angels in an ecstatic, infuriating bind between two polarities. Chalks’ pastel colored sounds speak to the broken and the colorful.

Producer, DJ and party promoter, Awwful is the co-creator of Glitter Bomb & a staple in the queer pop DJ scene in Montréal. Their music explores life & love thru a queer and gender non-binary lens. Inspired by 90s eurodance & 80s synthpop, their music has been described as bubbly effervescent alien pop. “Human” is their debut release, self-produced and self-released.

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