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Honey Beard and Paragon Cause

$7 door

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Toronto's Honey beard will be joining Ottawa's Paragon Cause of a night of dance-able Synth grooves and dark retro rock.

Honey Beard
Honey Beard’s sweet debut album is Dreamless Sleep. It’s anchored by the track “Humming Bird.” The Toronto-based Honey Beard is comprised of Gary J. Conlon and Tom Bell. The duo creates sleek, urbane electronic pop music. They’re dark, and edgy, but accessible and not afraid to lay down a catchy beat.

Honey Beard was clearly raised on Depeche Mode—then again, aren’t we all? HB’s live shows are furious affairs that will leave you wanting more.

Paragon Cause
Recently completed their second full length album with Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes.

Paragon Cause blends various strands together in a style that serves up arrangements that are dense, sometimes dark, instinctually expansive but always open to making an emotional connection with the listener. The leans into the darkness, exploring every corner of a darkened room discovering new shades of black and color with the hues of oblivion and vast emptiness. They embrace complicated topics and find comfort in them.

You’ll not have heard many bands that sound like Paragon Cause.

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