Concert Submissions

Are we missing a listing? We’d love to add it!

Please DO NOT send a link to your show details on Facebook or a similar service. You must include the details below in your email to us:

Who’s playing?
Let us know who’s headlining, who’s opening, and what order they’re playing in.

When are they playing?
We definitely need the date of the concert and the time the doors open. Set times would be great, too.

Where are they playing?
Is the venue on our venues page? If not, send us its address and as much other information about it as possible.

How much does it cost?
If advance tickets are available, let us know where people can buy them. If you have a link for online ticket sales, we’d love to include it.

Where can people learn more about the bands?
A website or link of some kind for every band would be perfect. We’ll add a link to your Facebook event if you send it to us, too.

Put all of that information in an email, and send it to