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with Timbre Timbre
All Ages

$15 advance

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"Fiver is the solo project of Toronto-born and raised singer and songwriter Simone Schmidt, known for fronting The Highest Order (a band that just released its debut album, If It’s Real, back in March) and the acclaimed country outfit One Hundred Dollars. No matter which name she is performing under, two strengths of Schmidt’s that immediately arrest you are that voice – awesome and haunting, strong as oak but sanded with sublime vulnerability – and the palpable Dust Bowl-thick instrumental air that fleshes out the mood of every song. Each is so commanding that it’s a testament to her gifts for bleak, poetic firepower and sure-handed nuance that neither crumbles under the magnitude of the other. "
- No Depression

"Delicate and powerful, with moments of unexpected strength and intricate patterns of longing, Lost the Plot showcases Simone Schmidt at her very best. Her rare talent is matched by tracks of exceptional narrative construction and emotional authenticity. "
- Torontoist

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