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Platinum Blonde

with Dwayne Gretzky
All Ages


Band Details

Platinum Blonde8:15PM
Dwayne Gretzky7:30PM

From the Promoter

Free with CNE fairgrounds admission.

Formed in 1981 as a tribute band, Platinum Blonde spent their early days performing music by The Police in Canada's university and club circuit. In 1983, at the start of a decade where pop music was often adrift in flash and kitsch, the Toronto-based band emerged from the club scene with a danceable new wave sound. The band, at one time consisting of Mark Holmes, Sergio Galli, Chris Steffler, and Scottish musician Kenny MacLean, went on to produce a triple platinum album, featuring four hits including two Juno Award nominations: Standing in the Dark and Doesn't Really Matter.

After the release of Yeah, Yeah, Yeah in the early 1990's, the band separated to individually explore creativity. With the release of its new album Now & Never, the band performs today as a reinvigorated group with Mark Holmes, Sergio Galli, and Chris Steffler.