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Brownman Electryc Trio

with Snaggle and Brownman & Brontasaurus Records

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Brownman Electryc
Brownman & Brontasaurus

From the Promoter

In recent years, when not touring the globe as the featured soloist with hip-hop superstar MISSY ELLIOT or subbing into JAY-Z's band, the Toronto-based multi-award-winning Trinidadian-born trumpet player BROWNMAN ALI spends much of his artistic time in the exploration of “chordless” jazz - music produced without a chordal instrument (guitar or keyboard). He had previously explored this tonal quality for a decade with his now internationally acclaimed latin-jazz group CRUZAO, and in more recently with his critically acclaimed Miles Davis influenced BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO. This trio’s 2nd release entitled “Gravitation: A Study In Freefall” on Brownman’s own label Browntasauras Records shot to number 4 on the iTunes USA jazz charts and was declared “the new standard in electric jazz” by National Public Radio (NPR) in New York City.

“The trio folds aspects of Black American Music into a chordless jazz framework”, states Brownman. “When we’re not playing originals, we often take classic standards from the 30s through the 50s and re-imagine them as if they were written today and being produced by, say, DJ Premier. The end result is something that hopefully sounds relevant in today’s musical paradigm, but still resonates with the history and lineage of the jazz tradition. And yeah - you’ll hear a lot of Miles Davis’ influence in that resulting sound”.

Based in Toronto, SNAGGLE is an award-winning 6-piece electric-jazz-funk ensemble often described by media as “Canada’s answer to Snarky Puppy”. Sporting an all-original repertoire the group has a fearless and muscular yet introspective sound likened to a cross between electric-era Miles Davis and Rage Against the Machine. Taking elements from a wide variety of musical sources including jazz, funk, rock, and metal, Snaggle contextualizes them within the improvisational and spontaneous elements of the jazz ideology. Their uniquely brash and infectious brand of jazzfunk is a melodically driven sound which incorporates primal groove qualities more commonly associated with pop and rock, swinging their live show from quietly contemplative all the way to explosively fierce - sometimes all within the same tune. Joining internationally acclaimed jazz trumpet iconoclast Brownman Ali’s Browntasauras Records roster in June 2015, Snaggle released their second full-length studio album ‘The Long Slog' on the label. The album was produced by Brownman, released in Canada in October 2016, and features him guesting on 2 tracks. Most recently the band was honoured to be the recipient of a Gold-standard GLOBAL MUSIC AWARD for their recent album THE LONG SLOG. Since it's release 'The Long Slog' and 'Christmas Tune' are currently climbing the charts internationally and garnering much attention overseas.

Three of Toronto’s most in demand musicians step into a new musical territory with Chris Lesso’s modus factor, all bringing their own considerable experience to the band. Drawing on textures from jazz, electronic & world music genres to deliver a truly unique sound via their high energy groove based sound. The trio brings their one-of-a-kind improvisational creativity on stage together for steps into modern music that is always looking forward and risk taking.

Trinidadian-born, NYC-schooled & heralded as “Canada’s preeminent Jazz trumpeter” by NYC’s Village Voice, multiaward winning trumpet player Brownman Ali stands at the forefront of innovation in the Canadian jazz community. A protégé to his teacher, Grammy-winning trumpet legend, Randy Brecker, he tirelessly leads 7 unique ensembles of his own including the internationally acclaimed, Miles Davis influenced, BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO. In 2009 he launched his own record label: Browntasauras Records, which saw the Electryc Trio's two now celebrated recordings garner substantial accolades and press. The label is now a home to all his ensembles as well as the newly signed SNAGGLE, MODUS FACTOR, JASON WILSON & DIVISION ONE and CHELSEA MCBRIDE'S SOCIALIST NIGHT. Now, using the label as a breeding ground for new and visionary talent in the modern jazz realm, Browntasauras and Brownman himself are widely regarded as vanguards for the evolution of Jazz in Canada.

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