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YB, formerly known as Yoon Do Hyun Band

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YB, formerly known as “Yoon Do Hyun Band” is a South Korean rock band. Formed in 1994, with members consisting of Yoon Do-Hyun (lead vocals, keyboard, guitar), Heo Jun (Guitar, keyboard), Kim Jin-Won (drums), Park Tae-Hee (bass guitar), Scott Hellowell (guitar). YB gained its popularity during 2002 World Cup hosted in South Korea, and again by appearing on a renowned Korean TV show ‘I am Singer’ in 2011. The band currently has released nine full-length studio albums. The band’s music style is primarily influenced by the classic rock with elements of modern rock, also combined with a contemporary Korean cultural identity.

YB’s influence on current Korean music industry is immense, as the band is often referred as one of the “legends” in Korean rock scene being able to cover the dynamic range of genres. Their popularity rose with the South Korea’s national phenomenon “Red Devils” during its 2002 World Cup with their song becoming the official cheering song. Soon after Yoon Do-Hyun became the MC for the renowned music talk show Yoon Do-Hyun’s Love Letter featuring various generations’ famous singers and groups. YB’s musical influence over South Korea in terms of the entertainment industry and the music industry is one of the most respected artists and admired by many K-Pop idols and artists.