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Blair Packham


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You never know what will come out of Blair Packham’s mouth. Could be a song, and maybe a story about where that song came from. Sometimes his stories are pretty funny, even if the songs are occasionally heartbreaking. Always looking for a human connection, Blair treasures his time on stage, whether solo or with his acoustic trio, the Good Bones. When he first started writing songs at age 17, Steve Goodman, John Prine, Elvis Costello, and the Beatles were inspirations, and Blair wore those influences proudly, forming a group called The Jitters in the early 1980s. The Jitters had hit records (“Last of the Red Hot Fools”; “Closer Every Day"), were Juno Award-nominated, and won a Toronto Music Award. In 2017, Blair wears many hats: as well as being a singer/songwriter (his first love) he is a producer, radio host, and composer of music for TV and film. Currently, Blair is wrapping up his third full-length recording for release in the Spring of 2017.