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The Tea Party

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The Tea

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Advance tickets also available at Rotate This, Soundscapes & The Horseshoe front bar
Wednesday, November 29 - Focus on Transmission + Hits
Thursday, November 30 - Acoustic Set + Hits
Friday, December 1 - Focus on Edges of Twilight + HitsSaturday, December 2 -  Focus on Splendor Solis + Hits


Jeff Martin grew up in Windsor, Ontario, just across the Detroit River from the home of proto-punk and the Motown sound; he was also influenced by his blues-loving father. He formed the Tea Party with multi-instrumentalists Stuart Chatwood (bass, keyboards, mandolin, and harmonium) and Jeff Burrows (drums, percussion). Martin himself plays guitars, sitar, hurdy gurdy and harpguitar. Consequently, the trio’s sound marries rock with elements of Middle Eastern, Celtic and Mediterranean music. Their 1993 album, Splendor Solis, sold over one million copies in Canada; The Edges of Twilight followed, trailed in 1997 by Transmission.