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Piper Hayes

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Piper Hayes is a critically acclaimed international performer, singer, songwriter and dynamo. On October 14, 2016 Hayes releases her second EP ‘Goodbye Mister Nice Guy’.

“These songs are very dear to my heart. They tell my story, in all it’s pain and beauty, during one of the hardest times in my life. Now I get to share them with the world!”

The new album (a memorable love-themed trilogy of tunes) takes us through the story of a relationship; with its first single release (third track) “Honey” dismantling all we think we know about letting go. The story takes you from elation, to tears and back again to joy, while the songs will have you singing along and stomping your feet.

Produced by Dean Drouillard (Royal Wood, Justin Rutledge) at his Toronto studio, ‘Goodbye Mister Nice Guy’ (a concept album) plays in the order in which the songs were written and in which the stories took place in Hayes’ life. The new EP is the follow-up to her 2014 Mike Schlosser produced (You Say Party! We Say Die!, Kendal Thompson) EP ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Like...’ and her 2013 Ray Montford mastered (Shawna Caspi, Cris Cuddy) live album ‘Live in NYC’.

Born in New York City (Staten Island) and raised in Toronto since Hayes was two, she now, as of 2015, lives in Hamilton, Ontario. She has arts and entertainment in her blood; her father (who grew up in Greenwich Village) is a stills photographer in film and her grandmother was an actress and worked in radio. Hayes maintained ties to New York and studied at the professional musical theatre training conservatory and off-Broadway company – the Collaborative Arts Project 21 (2009 to 2011). She attended an arts high school for musical theatre and graduated from the conservatory program at Second City.

Piper Hayes got her start in legendary venues in Toronto including The Horseshoe Tavern, The Rivoli and The Cameron House and in the past few years has toured all over Canada and the USA. She headlined three international tours (visiting Nepal, India, Holland, Scotland, Ireland, England, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Denmark, and Iceland) and VIA Rail’s national ‘Artists on board’ program and initiated an adult community support music program in Hamilton. She strives to have her music heard, yet also be a driving force for social change.

Hayes hesitates to define her music by a specific genre, but does agree to say, “pop-folk is closest!” Her inspiration comes from the need to perform, to heal people through song and to inspire change in herself and her audience; she is truly authentic. She thrives on stage and feels more herself when performing; she is a one-woman party and her evocative yet powerful voice will take you to other dimensions; captivating, contagious.

Hayes considers her voice her main instrument and in recent years she has taken to combining her training as a vocalist with her background as a yoga instructor and personal trainer, and devised a private voice program. A program intending musical empowerment that encompasses the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of voice, breaking down all bearers.

In 2014, Hayes also teamed up with Carson Ritcey-Thorpe to form an additional musical project – Hayesland. The name is inspired by a serendipitous merging of the name of the swampland where Ritcey-Thorpe grew up in Millgrove, Ontario (near Hamilton) and Piper’s last name. Working together the duo created their own unique sound. Music elevated by beautiful harmonies and enticing lyrics, enriched by the soulful relationship between the couple.

"I love people. I believe one of my keenest gifts is my ability to bring people together. Music is a universal language and my biggest wish in my lifetime is to help elevate the voices of those who are not heard – to raise people beyond where they thought was possible, and ultimately allow them to feel the love all around and within. Music has this power and I simply am the vessel.” ~ Piper Hayes.

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