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The Highest Order and Comet Control

with Hooded Fang

$10 advance, $12 door

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From the Promoter


The HIghest Order, Comet Control, Hooded Fang -- plus many special guests -- and DJs Davy Love and Chris "Chico" Trowbridge assemble for a show celebrating Toronto promoter Dan Burke's 60th birthday and 20th year in the music business.


Comet Control is a psych rock band from Toronto featuring ex-members of Quest for Fire including Chad Ross (vox/guitar) Andrew Moszynski (guitar) Nicole Howell (bass) Jay Anderson (drums) and Christopher Sandes (keys).


"Hooded Fang’s fourth album, Venus on Edge, represents the next step in an evolutionary process. The transformation began in earnest with 2011’s Tosta Mista, which scuffed up the band’s formative indie-pop sensibility with a Modern Lovers scrappiness. That aesthetic was pushed deeper into the red with the grotty garage rock of 2013’s Gravez. But Venus on Edge is even more weird and wired, marking the moment where Hooded Fang’s fantastical name ceases to be an ironic counterpoint to the band’s playful fuzz-pop and becomes a guiding principle.
The new record also turns a page on proto-punk completely in favor of weirder turf: industrialized dissonance, sci-fi surf-punk, and tweaked-out guitar frequencies that ring out like a biohazard lab activating the meltdown siren. Lee’s cool, conversational voice melds into the artfully mutated noise swirling around him, as he breaks down his melodies into staccato communiqués."
-- PITCHFORK: Stuart Berman