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Blind Cats


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Blind Cats endlessly play shows all over Ontario with regular events at the legendary Bovine Sex Club, Sneeky Dees, Rancho Relaxo, The 460 and many other places that welcome a packed house. With their sophomore album to be released later this year, The Blind Cats already have recorded an EP, One More Year(2010) and their 2009 album The City Blues which is self described as "punk-rock n' roll-blues" with surf influenced undertones. This amalgamation of genres and a thoroughly engaging and energetic live performance from the band illustrates them as an act unrivaled in the GTA.
Assembled in Streetsville, Ontario in 2007 the band is currently composed of founding members Greg Kowalczyk on guitar on vocals, basist and vocalist Jeff MacIntosh with newcomer Matt Frazer on drums. Many early shows breathed new life into the Streetsville scene and when they established themselves there, the band turned its eyes on Toronto where they have since made their name known. Members of the Blind Cats have played alongside Dead Kennedys, D.O.A, The Casualties and The Misfits.