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The Nude Dogs and Thrifty Kids

with Gold Pony, Triples and Fade Awaays

$8.50 advance

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Exclaim! Magazine, Dan Burke/NeXT Shows and Ticketfly present: "Class 2018", a Canadian show series featuring a sample of the new year's most promising musical talent - artists who make the grade and deserve to graduate.
Toronto show #1 of the series features...

...The Nude Dogs are a four-piece punkrock band from Toronto, ON. They incorporate heavy licks, intense energy, and strong satire to create songs like Fuck this! and We’re Girls. As a collective they strive to create an empowering, inclusive and positive environment for people to rage out and have a fucking awesome time with some FEROCIOUS, SHAMELESS, ECCENTRIC PSYCHO MUSIC MANIIIAAAAA.



Indie/Surf/Rock Four-piece band.

Acoustic/Vocals: Sarah Cogan
Lead Guit.: Dylan Frankland
Bass: Cameron Alford
Drums: Jordan Gauthier


The Fade Awaays are just teenangers - but far ahead of most bands who are older than them.