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The Quickshifters

$5 advance, $7 door

From the Promoter


This 4-peice Hillbilly Boogie/Rockabilly/Swing dance band is made up of some pretty heavy players, all of which have excelled in their instrument for over ten years. The band formed when Clayton moved back to Ontario from Newfoundland and sought to collaborate with Rob on a project. Clayton had a residency for himself and Jimmy Bowskill at a favourite pub in downtown Port Hope. Jimmy got the call from some choice touring bands leaving Clayton to find a subsititute for Jimmy's job of playing bass and singing. He called Rob. From then on, the residency transformed into a weekly session where Rob hand picked tunes from decades ago, and took them to the stage for his new drummer, and horn player to learn on-the-spot. The band quickly became a favourite among dance students learning swing and lindy hop dance styles and can now be found weekly every Thursday at Hot Belly Mama's in Peterborough, ON. With plans to record a debut album, they show no signs of stopping. Catch them at their next show, or for free every Thursday at Hot Belly Mama's in historic downtown Peterborough.

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