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WHOOP-Szo and Lush Buffalo

with Hot Garbage, Iris and Tange

$10 advance

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Exclaim! Magazine, Dan Burke/NeXT Shows and Ticketfly present: "Class 2018", a Canadian show series featuring a sample of the new year's most promising musical talent - artists who make the grade and deserve to graduate.
Toronto show #3 of the series - co-presented by Wavelength - features...

"Somewhere in between doom, psychedelia and indie rock, WHOOP-Szo are crafting a sort of social and emotional protest music. Tip-toeing into the sublime, the group creates songs that are enveloping and immersive." - A-Side


garage-grunge punkedelic


Dreamy psych-rock trip from Toronto.


"Beloved Toronto-based shoegaze band Iris broke up in 2015 but has returned from the dead to bring us some new tunes. Their new single, "Touch", is an emotional knockout punch that sees the band firing on all cylinders. The song itself functions sort of like a Tarantino movie, merging homage and pastiche with the band's own sensibilities to create something that is both familiar and nostalgic, yet contemporary and uniquely their own." - NOISEY (Aug.2017)


Tange is a stunningly sharp fem-pop trio.

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